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Inks With a Difference

Service, Reliability and Great Value

Looking for a cost-effective printer ink service but don’t want to cut back great service and reliability? Look no further than . The brainchild of Steve Lines, the powerhouse behind the IT company TechMan, Steve realised that his customers were struggling to obtain great quality cartridges for their
printers. He couldn’t understand why traditional providers had such huge markups on their products. The prices vary wildly from store to store, and the freight cost of online stores often made purchasing a new printer cheaper than the very ink it was sold with.

Environmentally Aware?

This is sadly a common tactic used by the big printer companies. They plough millions of dollars into ensuring that their marketing departments convince the purchaser that only the manufacturer’s original, genuine ink cartridges will do. Accept no substitutes, they claim. Yet you’ll find that you can easily gain the very same quality from a compatible cartridge. Forcing customers into proprietary products isn’t really in the best interests of the customer. Many people go out and buy another printer. It’s hardly an efficient way of doing business. It certainly isn’t good for the environment and the planet. to the Rescue!

Steve realised that lowering costs without compromising quality was in fact surprisingly easy. Hence was born. He has quickly become the go-to provider of many customers on the Coast, who are delighted with the fast, reliable service and quality inks. These aren’t some nasty overseas knockoffs or shoddy dry flaking ink you’ll find from other economy stockists. These are the real deal. Great products that you expect from top quality printing supplies.

It’s not only inks that you’ll find at the store at – you’ll find eftpos rolls for your machines. Very handy when you need to restock. When you consider that all of this can be shipped for a flat fee of $6.00 straight to your door, what are you waiting for?

New Zealand Wide

And don’t be put off by the name, aren’t just a local provider of leading brand compatible cartridge inks and stationery, they will deliver across New Zealand at THE SAME competitive postage price.

Check out the vast array of models and cartridges on offer and join the growing number of delighted customers. Don’t forget you can buy as much or as little as you need for just $6.00 postage, regardless of your location in New Zealand. Now that’s service and value.